Those Self-Correcting Problems

Back in my college days I used to hitchhike the 300 miles to school.  One day I hitched a ride with a couple.  Enroute, the car’s engine made an odd sound for an hour, then stopped.  The driver turned to his companion and said, “It must have been a self-correcting problem.”

There are very, very few self-correcting problems in organizations.  The wise manager will address problems as they occur instead of hoping that they will go away.  In fact, the earlier they are addressed the more they can be positive and development oriented, instead of festering into something much bigger.

One thought on “Those Self-Correcting Problems

  1. Bob, great post. And as you said, there are some rare problems that are self-repairing. But it takes experience to recognize them. One example is the under-performing supplier who doesn’t earn the next project. Self-repairing because they went away all by themselves while you had the joy of discovering a competent supplier to replace them.

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