Why You Need to “Think Different”

Exactly 20 years ago, Apple came up with a “Think Different” marketing theme. In part it was a rejoinder to IBM’s “Think,” but it resonated widely with businesses. It’s still a poignant message for CEOs. To take your business to the next level, you need to think differently about it. Change the way you look at your business, develop a new mindset. You cannot get to the next level by thinking the same way and doing the same things.

• From making products to fabricating assemblies
• From local distribution to regional, national, and international
• From producing products to offering high-value services
• From a product to a product line, to multiple product lines to ‘category killers’
• And from storefront to online retailing

Think not just bigger, but broader. To do this, you must let go of ‘today’ and let your mind explore into future possibilities. This is what strategy is all about. It is also the work of the CEO, and it must be the work of the CEO because only you have the responsibility to make these decisions, no matter how many others are involved.

In what ways are you thinking differently about your business?

Copyright 2017 Bob Legge
Bob Legge has an unmatched ability to help clients achieve competitive advantage, leaving competitors in their dust. He has worked with companies across industries and geographies to align critical elements, dominate their markets, and achieve dramatic results, such as 600% revenue increase in three years. Personally, he enjoys sailing where both his strategic abilities and tactical skills help him see interesting places while having a fabulous time with friends and family.
Contact him at: bob.legge@leggecompany.com.

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