Make Top Team Meetings Effective

Developing a highly-functioning top team is not easy. It takes the right combination of people, agreement on a clear direction, the ability to interact effectively, and a number of other factors.

One difficulty I’ve noticed in many top teams is that their meetings run way too long and just don’t seem to be a good, productive use of time. The problem usually isn’t a time issue, but rather a content issue –they focus on content that is beneath them. Top teams need to focus on strategy, resource allocation and finding ways to effectively coordinate value-added processes across functions (such as the sales-operations process, or customer delivery and responsiveness.) These are the topics that only the top team can effectively address.

Stop addressing things that individuals or functions should handle. And don’t use meetings for informational presentations – they can be distributed for review.

What topics does your top team focus on?

A Great Time for Recognition

This is a good time of year to recognize exceptional performance of one or a few key individuals. Consider a lump-sum cash award, especially if you have someone who does not participate in a formal incentive plan.

Research has shown that lump sum, discretionary, and unanticipated awards have a greater effect on job performance than the same amount in base salary. And they also help to retain good people.

Present the award in private with the person’s immediate supervisor or manager, and emphasize how much you appreciate the individual’s contributions. Such recognition means a lot to individuals. Imagine how it feels to receive the award, and what a proud moment it is for that person to go home and tell his/her family all about the accolades and award.

Cash awards or not, be sure to recognize people for their work through the year.